The Signal Pod™


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Afraid of having a bicycle accident? Keep yourself protected with these Bike Indicators!

It can be easy to think that a bicycle crash will never happen to you. But bike accident statistics suggest that it is far more likely than you may think.

Bike Indicators are the simple and intuitive wireless indicating a
system that allows cyclists to focus on the road while signaling and turning.

Ride with increased confidence, indicating to motorists and pedestrians behind you without compromising control of your bicycle. The Signal Pod is easy to use, and a breeze to set up!

Especially useful in traffic, where maximum control of your bike is needed, your hands need never leave the handlebars! The extra-bright LED light display allows you to indicate left and right clearly.

Bike Indicators are a wireless bicycle signaling system, designed for extra safety while cycling. Maintain full control of your bike - your hands will never leave the handlebars

Automatic direction change detection

Light senses changes in direction and speed and displays corresponding indicators


The light detects changes in direction and velocity and displays corresponding safety indicators, like "left turn," "right turn," and "breaking"

LED indicator patterns


Infrared safety line projector

Projects a red infrared line on the road behind the cyclist to help automobiles maintain a safe following distance



Convenient, simple, and easy-to-use design


Durable USB charging port & fastening strap

USB charging port and power button


Infrared safety line projector & attachment strap

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